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Bevis Fusha

Bevis Fusha grew up in a family of photographers in Tirana, Albania. He has a degree in Philosophy-Sociology from the University of Tirana, where he has also taught photojournalism.
A leading, cutting-edge talent in southern Europe, Fusha consistently stretches visual and conceptual boundaries. He has participated in prestigious World Press Photo seminars in Sarajevo, Skopje, and Istanbul, and was published in the WPP book 'New Stories' in 2008. He has worked on staff at many top Albanian newspapers and magazines, and has exhibited both at home and abroad.
He is represented by Anzenberger photo agency in Vienna, Austria.
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Bertelec is an isolated village located in the northern mountains of Albania. About 30 families live there and during the winter they conduct quite a sheltered life due to the cold and difficult weather conditions. Almost their whole summer is spent cutting wood in the forests close to them and preparing to face the winter. The inhabitants conduct a poor, quiet, but worry-free life. They have been able to survive by securing food and other needs themselves. Through sketched streets, wood piles, children and animals this series describes the soul of a place - without d├ęcors but pervaded with an essential humanity.